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At MiTek, we believe that better building starts with building relationships.

Component Manufacturing has made massive progress, and “prefab” is nothing like it used to be. Even the most complex home designs can now be built faster and more cost effectively with pre-manufactured truss systems that are designed, engineered and reviewed in 3D and delivered directly to site.

Partnering with a Component Manufacturer (CM) to develop your custom truss solution can eliminate variance, reduce cycle and design time, control material costs, cut labor costs and conquer labor shortages. Explore the site to see how partnership can mean increased profitability.

Plan, Collaborate, Finalize, Build

From start to finish, our building solutions are designed to help you build better. This site contains all the resources you need to find and collaborate with a CM who can make your next project faster, more efficient, and more precise. Find your truss guy, download our collaborative SAPPHIRE Viewer software, calculate potential savings, and hear from other builders.

Discover a better way to build

MiTek is a Berkshire Hathaway company committed to improving the building industry through strategic collaboration and software solutions. Learn how we streamline communication and increase efficiency here.