SAPPHIRE™ Viewer Experience for PC and Windows Based Tablets

SAPPHIRE™ Viewer is a new tool for you to share with your customers to view your 3-D models and collaborate with you, provided at no cost.

You can download Viewer and selectively invite your customers to download Viewer too.

With SAPPHIRE™ Viewer, your customers can:

  • Quickly review SAPPHIRE™ Structure models in Plan and 3-D views using zoom and pan.
  • View elevation drawings.
  • Isolate items to view in the model such as a particular level or layer.
  • Print layout sheets.
  • Print plan, 3-D, and elevation views.

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SAPPHIRE™ Viewer Experience for PC and Windows Based Tablets

Features and Benefits

SAPPHIRE Viewer for desktop and windows-based tablets and gives you a richly detailed, fully dimensioned set of true 3D BIM plans for structural framing.

Measurement tools allow you to digitally measure any part of your plans including pitch, heights, and widths in 2D or 3D.  These tools can help verify dimensions and build efficient material lists for items like sheathing and facia.

Notes feature allows you to call out specific changes, notes about materials, repairs, or schedule information.  The status feature on the notes can be marked review required, information required, or complete for a permanent history of issues, resolution, and approvals.

‘Views’ and Print Layout
Need to select to a specific area for review?  The Bookmark View option lets you do this, ensuring quick accurate focus on critical areas fro review or decision-making.  Printed plans and layouts are also easily accessible from SAPPHIRE.

SAPPHIRE Viewer for Desktop and Windows based tablet enables you and your team to communicate and collaborate with your Component Manufacturers, engineers, architects, design staffs, framing crews, and other subs to make the right decisions more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

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